Questions Regarding Registration & Payment

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Questions Regarding Accreditations

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Questions Regarding Courses and Course Contents

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Questions Regarding Examination

What are the conditions for the official SAP exam?

The exam contains 80 questions and takes approximately 180 minutes. You must answer at least 60% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. You will find out immediately after the exam whether you have passed.
In the exam, all subject areas of the case studies are queried using multiple choice and weighted to different extents. For example, the subject area “Financial Accounting” could be weighted with more than 12% of the questions and the subject area “Warehouse Management” with less than 8% of the questions. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly how the weighting of the individual subject areas will look like.

What do i need to take the exam?

For the SAP exams you need a webcam, a microphone, a suitable operating system (Windows or macOS), a current browser and, above all, a stable internet connection. You also need space (approx. 50 MB) to install the Questionmark Secure program (not necessary for the Celonis certification).

You can test your components for suitability with the following link:

At the time you take the exam, you must be registered as a student.

How can I register for the official SAP exam?

If you have completed all case studies and want to register for the SAP exam, please make an inquiry in our help portal under the heading “SAP exam and certificate of participation”. We will then check whether you have completed all tasks and submissions satisfactorily. If this is the case, we will issue you the certificate of participation and start the registration for the official SAP examination.
Please also consider the following information:

  • The solution of the case studies will be checked by us based on your submissions in the system. The status in Moodle (check or no check) is not relevant. It only has to be ensured under examination law that you additionally document your results in Moodle.
  • The official SAP exam takes place online. You can decide flexibly when you want to take the exam as long as it is within one year after course completion!

If I do not pass the official SAP certification exam, can I repeat just the exam or do I have to book the whole course again?

You can repeat the test twice, i.e. have yourself tested three times. If you take the exam again through us, you only have to pay the price for the SAP exam, of course. We will pass this on to you unchanged from SAP, i.e. 119€ plus VAT.

Please note: You must be registered as a student at the time of each exam.

Can I take the exam at a later date?

Yes, you can also take the exam separately from the course at a later date. It is, however, important that you are enrolled at a university at the time of the exam. After receiving the access data from SAP, you have one year to take your exam.

How should I prepare myself for the official certification examination?

Our case studies always deal with the theoretical background and the practical implementation of this background. The theoretical part prepares for the exam in terms of content and topic. No additional literature is required. At the beginning of each chapter the theoretical part is shown which is relevant for the exam. This is followed by practice-oriented case studies that must be successfully processed for our certificate of participation. The sum of all theory chapters has to be learned in order to be sufficiently prepared for the SAP exam. There is also the possibility to prepare in the training camp.

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