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Overview of our Top Courses

SAP ERP certification TS410

Learn the basics for the world’s most used ERP system

Gaining expertise with this system provides you useful additional knowledge which perfectly complements your studies

Our courses are designed in the most innovative elearning format to allow optimal support for your learning

This course costs 299€ without SAP certification, and 449€ with SAP certification (compared to ~7k € at SAP’s training suite)

SAP Web Business Intelligence (BOWI42)

By now there is almost no company which does not use business intelligence solutions

This course provides you crucial knowledge in SAP’s innovative web-based BI solution

Therewith you gain expertise in data analyses and business intelligence procedures

The course costs 149€ without SAP certification, and 299€ with SAP certification

Celonis Process Mining

Here you get insights into the most innovative process mining software which is completely web-based

This course provides you with expertise regarding the analysis of business processes and how to optimize them

And what’s best? This course is completely free – including an official Celonis certification

Deadlines and exam periods are a thing of the past

Pure elearning courses – no compulsory attendance

All learning materials are provided to you via Moodle

Available on all platforms

Exam can be taken anytime and anywhere

Our expertise is your advantage

The official SAP certifications are recognized by companies and universities worldwide

We have more than 20 years expertise with large SAP transformation projects in enterprises

Our courses and certifications are always up to date

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(4.0/5 stars)

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The support is helpful (4.0/5 stars)

The course contents are comprehensive & logically structured (4.2/5 stars)

Rely on the unique symbiosis of SAP content and didactic knowledge gained in over two decades gained expertise in ERP systems and Enterprise Systems at the university. This is supported by our knowledge in how to implement large SAP systems in enterprises and how to train thousands of employees to use these systems.

ES/4Students starts with the focus on providing students with official SAP certification which further helps them in their studies and career progression.

Additionally, it every course participants gets a certification of the chair of business information systems and integrated software systems which documents that our participants achieved both practical and theoretical insights into the complex, SAP-dominated world of Enterprise Systems.

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